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We create distinct brand identities for businesses, marketing, and advertising campaigns.


Our video editors and writing team are natural storytellers who  turn video into stories or stories into video. We have over 35 video editors and 5 writers who are passionate creatives


We have a full service animation 

development studio 

producing content for mobile apps, social media channels, film, music videos, video games and merchandise design


We license, own, sell, manage and protect video content online. Our Digital Rights Management software help protect creators and get them paid for unlicensed usage of their content.

Meet The Team

Andrew Ghisoni

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Founder & Director

Cameron Breen

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Creative Executive

Luka Medic

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Head Of Production

Belgrade Studio

We have over 1100m2 of production space in Belgrade which includes, music studios, production studios, kitchens, arts & craft room, infinity green rooms, co-working spaces, our very own editing den with a medium-size performance/events space.

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